HIP UP OIL-3 (Hip & Butt Enlargement And Firming)

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The Hip up oil accelerates the cell activation of the whole hip & butts and uplift your hip & butts in a short period of time. Moreover, the ingredients could efficiently resist tissue loosening, help you enhance and uplift the butts at same time, and makes your body line even more attractive.

1-2 days: The Preliminary Stage:

The hip up oil penetrates into the butts cells, enhances the growth of mammary glands and tissues.

7-9 days: The Cell Activation Stage:

You will feel slight swelling pain in the butts. Use the oil continuously to achieve the full development of your hips and enhancement of butts.

20 days: The Growth Stage:

Your hip and butts obviously becomes fuller and firmer. Use the hip up oil daily to regain your hip and butts firmness.

Over 1 month: The Stabling and Moisturizing Stage

Depending on individuals, your hip and butts will grow about 6-8 cm. You can massage your hip and butts with the Hip Up Oil 3-5 times a week to resist the gravity and keep them firm and tender.

* No side effects – 100% natural

Correct Massage Techniques:

Step 1: Spread the Hip up oil to the hip & butts all around.

Step 2: Let  body slightly to bend down and with both hands pat the hip & butts base, and do upwardly push 10 timesin each cycle.

Step 3: Do 10 cycles in about 15-20 minutes.

Tips :

It is more effective to use the hip up oil after taking a bath.

(Minimum order send 3 Bottles 30 days Half Course Or 6 bottles 60 days full course)

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  1. 2 out of 5


    Grade A stuff. I'm unisbutqonaely in your debt.

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