Panax ginseng is a type of herb used as medicine for thousands of years . The plant looks like a human body, with two arms and two legs attached on it. It also has yellow-green, umbrella-shaped flower that grows in the center and produces red berries.it comes in variety of forms according to their place of origin.

Health Benefits of Ginseng :-

Relieves Stress :  Ginseng helps you to handle your stress levels and acts as a stimulant. It is also useful to regulate your metabolism and increase your energy levels.

Anti Aging : Ginseng is the richest source of antioxidants, which stops the formation of free radicals.

Cognitive Alertness : Ginseng helps to stimulate your brain cells, thereby improving your memory and concentration.

Ginseng – An aphrodisiac drink : This Panax root is helpful for men with erectile dysfunction. It is also useful in increasing libido in men.

Weight Loss : Naturally, ginseng is a natural appetite suppressor. Having ginseng in any form will suppress your hunger and prevent you from gaining weight.

Ginseng for Diabetics : A recent study has claimed that ginseng may help diabetic patients control their blood sugar levels.


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